An atmospheric and witty twist on Sax Rohmer’s action packed detective novel, ‘The Mystery of Dr Fu Manchu… This is a new version of the original film shot on 16mm, which has been re-edited and restored to its former glory.

The film screened at Raindance Film Festival and was nominated for the Jim Poole Award in Edinburgh.

“Where Andrew Coats’ script works so brilliantly is that he knows Sax Rohmer’s work and quotes liberally – and directly – from it, not least in Petrie’s narration. The film does not spoof, parody or lampoon Nayland Smith but cleverly hangs him by his own petard. It’s a marvellous conceit which is brilliantly carried out. Which leaves me puzzled as to why this short is not better known.”

M.J. Simpson

You can read the rest of Simpson’s review of the original film here